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It is taken for granted that if your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business! Internet has changed the habits of people searching for information, services and products. Therefore every company at some point needs to develop a website or improve its existing website.

In terms of technology, the development of websites is constantly changing, because new technological solutions appear at the level of equipment and at the level of software. For example, a couple of years ago it was sufficient for a website to be operative in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Today, websites should work also in smartphones and be friendly for the Google search engine. It means that the development of websites becomes increasingly more complex in terms of technology.

The development of simple websites consists of the following stages:

1. The goal of the website to be developed should be determined.
2. The most appropriate solution and technologies to achieve the goal should be selected.
3. Website design should be created and rewritten as a html code.
4. The design should be deployed in the content management system.
5. Texts should be placed on the website and it should be texted.

The development of most websites also requires development of the specification of requirements, development of the layout, consultation with a SEO specialist, programming of special modules and improvement of design after the development of the first version.

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