Several years ago SIA Datateks developed a new, original, web-based content management system Constructor CMS. It provides the possibility to change website content in a browser window. Users do not need to have specific knowledge about construction of websites, because placement and organisation of information takes place similarly to the preparation of electronic documents, in which case obtaining a correctly prepared and dynamically administrable website.

Constructor CMS (content management system) provides the possibility not only to create a new website, but also to reshape the old website into a new quality, investing minimum work with preparation of statistical information.

Constructor CMS is constantly developed and improved to meet the latest online standards. We are currently offering the latest version of this system – Constructor X7.0. The most important new feature in this version is Chrome support in administration, while support of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer is preserved. Speed of operation of several system components and other functions were improved.

Possibilities of Constructor CMS:

  • support of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome in administration;
  • Google search engine friendly – keywords can be entered for any section, which will allow finding you in any search engine;
  • Google keyword monitoring (new!) – possibility to track positions of selected keywords in the Google search engine.
  • multilingual support;
  • all standard modules are ready to use (news, image gallery, catalogue, online store, forum, blog, etc.);
  • unlimited functionality extension possibilities;
  • visual content processing editor (WYSIWYG);
  • easy to administer image gallery;
  • possibility to add own video and video;
  • user rights administration system;
  • system of templates and components;
  • full protection of the system and data safety;
  • embedded visiting statistics;
  • embedded visiting statistics based on keywords – you can learn, which keywords visitors used to find your website (for example,;
  • event log;
  • fast development.

Benefits of Constructor CMS:

  • reduced website administration costs;
  • reduced information input and processing time;
  • reduction of user training costs;
  • content and presentation are absolutely independent functional parts;
  • unlimited functionality adaptation possibilities, using built-in component system;

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