Software Development

Software Development

Do you still write one and the same data in three different places? Are all employees of your company on their own and important information of your company is not accumulated in a centralised database? Some tasks require plenty of time, but should they be entrusted to a computer? If these questions are relevant to you, you may need a proper software to be developed to improve your business operations.

We offer a broad set of programming services using different technologies and methods, and the development of software for companies in different areas is our daily routine. SIA Datateks employs experienced analysts and programmers, who regularly improve their knowledge in different courses and seminars and learn new trends. Thus, we can ensure that the development of software for each customer will meet the latest trends and technological possibilities.

In implementing different software development projects, we have concluded that the most efficient result for the customer can be achieved, if the development of software starts with a specification of requirements and then the project is created according to the extreme programming principle – the requirements are updated during the project. Thus, at the very beginning of development a sufficiently good software architecture is created and the developed software is easy to use and fulfils functions necessary for the company. In any case, each project is customised, and each time we evaluate, which development model is the most appropriate for the customer and the specific project. The development of proper software is an excellent way how to improve the performance of the customer’s company.

Directions of Programming Services:

  • software operated in a browser – websites, portals, online stores, business systems;
  • software operated in Windows environment – accounting systems, business systems, processing of different specific tasks.

Programming languages and technologies used:

  • HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Node js, Ajax
  • PHP, Ajax
  • MySQL, MS SQL, Maria db, postgresql
  • Elastic search

Our offer:

  • development of software requirement specifications;
  • development of software interface;
  • development of software;
  • testing of software;
  • deployment of software;
  • software further development and maintenance.

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