Online Store Creation

  • Modern design guidelines
  • Five colour design
  • Adaptive design for mobile devices
  • Product synchronisation possibility on eBay
  • Possibility to create filters for faster offering of products to customers
  • Search functionality with autocomplete – when you enter the search word, products are offered as a list
  • Promotion products, new products and related products
  • Generator of PROMO codes and use of the codes in the shopping cart
  • Possibility to purchase gift cards and its generation in PDF format
  • Embedded XML data feed to and portals
  • Connection/disconnection of social media accounts
  • Possibility to change the layout of products: grid/table
  • Products per page
  • Possibility to sort products
  • Display of categories in the central part in the middle or product list in the middle
  • Drag 'n Drop sorting at CMS side
  • The administrator can add comments to product images
  • Possibility to rate products
  • Share in social media and get a discount on purchases
  • Registration of e-mail to receive news and promotions electronically
  • Signup with social login
  • Unlimited number of categories and products
  • Speed tested on 100,000 products
  • Export/import of product catalogue to Excel, linking columns to respective product fields

Online Store Creation

The creation of an online store is relevant not only for shops aiming to trade online. The creation of an online store is also relevant for companies with B2B needs, so that it is unnecessary to send updated pricelists and lists of product balances to customers by e-mail. Less work for managers, and improved productivity. A good online store is like a good working tool – convenient to use, works well, is expensive, but pays back in no time.

Professionals from our company have already created over 80 online stores for different fields of business.

The creation of online stores is one of the most demanded Datateks services, it allowed us to accumulate extensive experience about habits of visitors and requirements of owners of online stores. We have improved our professionalism in more comfortable online store management, how to connect a store to an accounting system, how to organise communication with customers etc. Using this experience, we have developed a new internet store version v.6.7, which also includes a Mobile solution with adaptive design.


If you use a standardised design with a mobile version (you can change colour and logotype of the design at the top). We can make individual improvements according to customer’s wishes, when necessary;


If you also need synchronisation with an accounting/warehousing system such as Tildes Jumis, 1C, FinaWinSolis, A.V.S., OfficeLine etc.;


If the design is developed individually.

The price includes training and warranty

If you want to learn more about the creation of an online store and types of online stores, please apply for a demonstration and fill in an application here.

User Interface

Product Catalogue

In the catalogue, you can add an unlimited number of categories and products, specify product name, images, price, descriptions for each product, as well as many other fields, including product-specific fields (for example, product code or colours)

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is an integral part of any online store, which will allow your customers to conveniently buy several different products at a time

Signup of Users

Visitors of the online store will be able to make purchases with or without signing up. Signup will ensure easier repeated purchases for visitors, while you will be able to send e-mails with special offers to your customers, as well as specify a discount coefficient for each customer

Featured Offers

Featured offers will allow to point out the most relevant products from the catalogue in a separate section or on the homepage


Product search will allow the customers to find products they are interested in


Your customers, who want regular updates on discounted promotions and other news, will be able to subscribe for newsletters with their e-mail

E-mail Contact Form

Using your website, visitors of the online store will be able to send a question or a comment to your company’s e-mail and specify their e-mail to get your answer

Online Store Administration

Generation and Administration of Invoices

When a customer buys something, an e-mail with an invoice will be sent to your company automatically. Similarly, all the purchases made will be saved in the content management system, where you will be able to change the status for each purchase (namely, product sent, payment received, etc.).

Sections for Company Description and Contact Information

Customers are often interested in additional information about delivery, payment types and the company. Informative text pages allow them to find answers to these questions. The content of text pages can be conveniently entered and edited in all languages.

Banner Component

You will be able to add to your online store different promotion banners in .gif, .png, .jpg or html5 format. The component will ensure that work can be done quickly and conveniently.

Possibility to Change Design*

If you wish so, the design and page layout can be developed specifically for your needs.

Discount System

You can specify special discounts for the most reliable customers

Multilingual Support

If you create your catalogue in several languages, you will increase the number of potential buyers

Possibility to Add Additional Functionality*

If necessary, you can also add additional functionality (for example, payment with card, data import/export, etc.).

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