SEO Services

SEO Services (SEO Optimisation)

SIA Datateks offers a full set of SEM and SEO services to popularise your website online – SEO and AdWords.

Prerequisites for the selection of channels to attract visitors to your website:

  • Costs – benefits of the offered prices should be evaluated, whether they include specific measurable results. Since 2009, SIA Datateks has been using a SEO monitoring system, which on a daily basis determines the position of customer’s website in the Google, Bing or Yandex search engines, using keywords of interest, and stores these data. Our SEO customers may log in to the system and see the results achieved at any time. We offer SEO to our customers based on “pay for performance” principle, which means that customers make no advance payments and pay for the results after they have been achieved.
  • Transparent activity – customers pay for actually attracted visitors based on the keywords of interest to customers, and reports on the results of ads are sent on a regular basis and changes in advertising budgets are always subject to approval. Seasonal nature and activities of competitors with regard to the use of AdWords, which cannot be accurately predicted (especially with regard to competition), should be taken into account, therefore it is necessary to work with the AdWords account on a regular basis monitoring results and adapting ad settings to achieve the set goals.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimisation is a set of processes aimed at making the optimised website appear at higher positions, when searched using specific keywords or phrases (for example, “car service”, “office furniture”, “PVC windows”, etc.) in the most popular internet search engines (for example, Google or Yandex).

Why do you need SEO optimisation?

Google is the most popular online search engine to obtain information about products, services and companies. Therefore all websites, portals, online stores and other online resources need SEO optimisation to help people searching them to find the information posted on them. And although website texts are one of the most important components of achieving high position in the Google search engine, their quality still does not secure your website high positions.

Efficiency of SEO optimisation from the point of view of costs

SEO optimisation has the highest ROI (Return On Investment) compared to other marketing solutions. SEO costs are comparable to the costs of one-week placement of a medium-sized banner on the leading portals, however, unlike ads, SEO ensures long-term results. Therefore, in case of a successfully implemented SEO strategy, you will have the result for several years investing only in keeping your positions (which consists of several dozens of variables, of which the most important are incoming links leading to your website).

Important – it is always necessary to compare SEO costs with AdWords costs, because AdWords will be much more profitable in case of niche keywords with a small average number of searches per month. SEO will pay back, when website is optimised based on keywords with a large average number of searches per month, which can be determined provisionally using the Google Keyword Planner online tool (for example, “furniture”, “fences”, “wooden houses”, etc.), as well as keywords in individual sectors, which have the average number of searches per month, but AdWords ads have high competition, which leads to high pay per click.

Stages of the SEO optimisation service offered by us:

  • free consultation on SEO possibilities in your field of activity;
  • study of keywords and analysis of processes to improve the position of your website in online search engines;
  • presentation of results to the customer;
  • agreement on conclusion of an agreement on SEO services;
  • development of a specification of SEO changes based on selected keywords.

SEO services offered by us:

  • study and analysis of keywords;
  • technical audit of a website (development of a specification of SEO technical changes);
  • website optimisation (making necessary changes to the website code) – customers often entrust this task to their programmers;
  • monitoring of website positions in the Google search engine (using monitoring system) and visiting monitoring;
  • attraction of incoming links.

Additional services:

  • structuring of new websites and preparation of texts according to SEO principles;
  • creation, configuration and monitoring of Google AdWords ad account;
  • consultations on online marketing in other spheres.

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