Creation of Texts

The importance of a text on the Internet-based environment is invaluable. No matter how impressive and effective the use of visual expression means is, they will not reach the target audience without the text.  

The truth is that online text is not what we have used to read on paper. For example, the speed of reading online texts is by 25% slower than that of printed texts. Moreover, for the reader to feel comfortable, the length of one row should not exceed 10–12 words. To be noted, 90% of readers read only headings, 70% pay attention to images, 40% read the beginning of the text, 20% read all the text, and only 5% read the ending.

User-friendly text for online environment:

  • without style, punctuation and spelling errors;
  • Anglicisms or notions in other foreign languages are replaced with Latvian words bearing the same meaning or are explained;
  • complex sentences are no longer than two rows;
  • one noun is not labelled with several adjectives;
  • sentences do not contain words or phrases, which can be interpreted in different ways;
  • no meaningless or pretentious phrases and sentences are used in the text;
  • correctly highlighted words;
  • consistent use of “quotation marks”, italic, capital letters, hyphens and en-dashes.

We offer the following text creation services:

  • preparation of texts for any online projects – websites, online stores, etc.;
  • SEO texts and optimisation of the existing texts for SEO needs;
  • product descriptions for products in online stores;
  • texts for online ads;
  • texts for social networks;
  • editing of the existing texts. 

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